Julien Blanc. Perhaps the biggest douchebag on earth.

I know a lot of you won’t know who this guy is, so let me fill you in real quick. Basically he’s a sort of real life version of Will Smith in Hitch except he’s also a massive douche. He’s part of a company called Real Social Dynamics (RDS) and he’s marketed as a dating instructor who is the self professed ‘international leader in dating advice.’ In reality he’s a bunch of one liners and ridiculous generalisations that aim to con men with zero game out of (typically) £150 by giving them stupid advice that will never work. Why? Because it’s the man behind the line that matters. There is no one strategy that will always work, and yet this douche convinces guys that there is an approach that guarantees success. This approach? Basically manipulate them into doing whatever you want.

If you watch one of his seminars, (take this one for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyYFpYdIxrw) it’s just one paragon of verbose misogynistic bollocks after another. Now there are a lot of people online that are not very happy with our friend Julien. They say that he promotes violence against women and that he encourages men to use coercive tactics to control women. All of this is true, but it’s not really my beef with him (as far as this piece goes anyway.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the banter that ensues between me and my female friends with regards to the battle of the sexes, but it’s the difference between jokes and intention. Whether or not he believes the shit he says, the dudes who go to see him probably do, which is why people are upset. But again, this isn’t my beef with him. I think if you’re one of these guys that goes to these seminars and your stupid enough to believe that you can just grab a girl by the head and shove it down to your dick and that everything is going to be cool afterwards, then really the seminar is the least of your problems. I mean he says things such as, white men can get away with whatever they want in japan when it comes to the women. Really? All I’m saying is that if your that thick as to believe that shit then I’m not surprised someone is making money off you.

No, my beef with him isn’t about that stuff. I think he’s a an idiot and that he promotes the degradation of women, but whatever, he’s a douche. There are millions of them out there and we can all sit safe in the knowledge that not many of the guys who pay to see him are going to see much success using his methods, unless the chick is equally as desperate in which case the seminar probably wasn’t needed anyway. No, there are plenty of people out there that are going to crucify him online for the stuff he promotes. They seem to be doing a good job judging by the fact he’s been booted out of Australia and a petition seeking to prompt Theresa May to deny him a Visa to enter the UK got more than 150,000 signatures which meant he was denied access to the country (http://www.change.org/p/uk-home-office-deny-julien-blanc-a-uk-visa). Nah, that angle seems to be covered. I have enough respect for the women I know, both feminist and not, to know that they don’t need me to sound out about how ridiculous and repugnant he is because they are more than capable of kicking him in the proverbial balls themselves. No, me, I’m more bothered about what he says about ‘the game’.

See, amongst his layers of bullshit, there are some true points. Be confident, own your identity and anyone can get a ten. These are all true. And I’m sure that by boosting the confidence of some of his followers, they have had more success than they might have otherwise. But the way he says to go about it…fuck me. Ridiculous. His ideas imply that everyone is as thick as pig shit. For example if you’re playing wing man for your friend and it’s not going well for you, and you prefer his girl anyway because she’s obviously hotter, this is Julien’s advice, verbatim by the way;

‘One perspective is ‘dude I wanna steal your girl’, now that will not click in his reality. So how do we re-frame it to click in his reality? It’s like, ‘dude we should switch. My girl here, its probably not gonna go down, it’s not going that well. You know we’re leaving tomorrow and if we leave now, sure you’ll have the hot one, but this girl here is gonna fuck it up for all of us. So sex is better than no sex, so it’s better you with her and me with her (the hot one) and then everyone is happy. And he’s like ‘Yeah!”


I mean really!? Seriously? Because obviously my friend is going to be a complete and utter moron who will go with that. ‘Oh hey, yeah, let me take this hot girl off your arm, I’m doing it for the both of us.’ Sweet moses. FUCKING REALLY?!?!

Even the line itself implies he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about because he couldn’t even get the friend into bed and had to switch! There are literally hundreds of examples I could use to highlight the sheer scale of his failure to give any meaningful advice, but that would take forever. Suffice it to say that it’s the way he simplifies everything to a point where whoever is on the end of one of his stories is basically a total idiot who will fall for whatever shit you say.

I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s not lying when he says that you can manipulate girls. Duh. And it can work vice versa with women manipulating men. But therein lies the problem. His basic message to these dudes is all based in the negativity of having to manipulate the situation to get what you need from her. Anyone who has read anything I have ever written on this kind of subject will know that I believe firmly in the fact that this is a game. We all play it. We all love to play it. It’s a game of chess or cat and mouse and of course we’re always jockeying for position. But what our good good friend Julian does is he takes these sad, desperate dudes and tells them that through this manipulation, they can bang any girl they want. Just own who you are and give her some bullshit and she’ll be on your dick like a junkie on a pipe. Again, really?

The truth is that Julien couldn’t walk into a club and pull any girl he wanted anymore than I could play Beethoven’s 9th symphony on an iPhone keyboard with my nose. Why? Because the truth that Julien doesn’t want to tell his clients is that every girl is different. There is no magic pick up line. There is no one approach that guarantees success. If there was, he would never have had to swap with his friend would he! Women are amazing creatures, and chasing them around is one of the best things about being a guy. To try and belittle the game by spewing this useless ‘advice’ is bad enough, but in the end it just makes me feel bad for the clowns out there eating it up that that don’t know any better.

The fact is, girls are just as complex as guys and there is no way to guarantee that you get the girl. This is not Hollywood. I mean, sometimes I’ve said no to a girl one night and then said yes to one the next who is only half as hot. I’ve been turned down by multiple girls that I thought were on it and then had success with girls I thought were not even aware I existed. There is no rhyme or reason to it, because everyone is different. Like I said, I believe that any girl can be got, but that doesn’t mean you will always get her every time. It’s all about the banter and the scenario and the timing. Remember girls like a a guy who is a bit of a dick, but they don’t like a guy who is a complete douche. Be the bad boy with a good heart, not the guy who acts like a good boy but is actually a douche. It’s good to be confident and if someone can help you get that then good, but believe me, there are much better ways to gain it than by listening to Julien. Plus the confidence you get won’t last long once you start getting slapped and probably arrested if you take some of the stuff he said too seriously.

In conclusion, if you have to con a girl into bed because your bants is bone dry then it probably says more about you being a joke than anything else. Me, I’ll stick to the banter, jokes and genuine lust. Because unlike Julian, I actually like girls. Plus I’m not a complete douche.