Satisfying a woman: Why taking your time is important.

There are two types of guy when it comes to sex. Those that just want to come and those that want the girl to come. If you’re in the first group, shame on you! I mean if nothing else, you’ve been wanking your whole life! Beating your dick like it stole something for years! Riding the ghost whip! Slap boxing the one eyed champ! Greeting the old chap whilst imagining some down town Lester Brown. My point? You know you’re busting that nut! When a guy has sex, invariably he’s going to come. So why on earth would you rush, get yours and leave her feeling profoundly unsatisfied? See for me it’s always been about ego. I want to leave a girl thinking that I was a great lay. Realistically, unless you get a number of cracks at it, you’re not going to be top of the tree with every girl you sleep with, but you best believe that every single time that’s my aim. I want to blow her mind. That’s where I get my satisfaction from. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love to have an amazing orgasm. Having ridiculous, hot, sweaty, out of this world sex and then coming so hard that you can’t help but chuckle a bit afterwards at how good it was. Obviously that is always the feeling I’m after, but if I felt that way but the girl didn’t, even the best orgasm would be just…hollow I suppose.

On top of that, sex is always a million times better if you take the time to work her body properly. It’s no good feeling up her tits, using a cheeky digit and then just expecting her to be ridiculously turned on for you. Every girl is different but one thing is universal, none of them want you to be trying to finish the fight in the first round every time.

Do not get me wrong. A quicky sometimes is fine. More than fine. Sometimes a girl just wants you to push her up against the wall, kiss her so she can feel just how much you want her, and then bend her over and fuck the life out of her for all of a few lust filled minutes. But that can’t be every time.

It’s all about knowing her body. You can’t just think of the obvious places to touch her. Even if you’re only interested in the those places, I can guarantee you she is keenly aware of the others that you are neglecting. Again, every woman is different, and will have her own distinct likes and dislikes, but just consider her whole body as a doorway to orgasm central. Her ears, her neck, her collarbone, maybe even her feet. Maybe massage her whilst kissing her back and softly bite her inner thighs before using your tongue. It could be any number of things. The point is, take the time to work her body over properly. Go down on her to the point where she literally NEEDS you to fuck her, and then make her wait just that little bit longer. I guarantee that if you give her body the attention it deserves, you will reap the benefits and both of you will be left chuckling afterwards whilst lying there as two sweaty, satisfied messes.

Remember, taking the time to satisfy her properly could be the difference between you being ‘some guy’ when she tells the story in the future, or being ‘THAT guy’ that always puts a cheeky smile on her face when she reminisces.

I know which one I’d rather be.