Quick tips for hot sex

Short post today because I’m busy writing something else! But I heard a conversation the other night when I was out between two guys who were talking about the best way to pleasure a woman. I’ll just say I hope that none of the women I know are subject to this level of…expertise (sarcasm alert.) So anyways, just thought I’d do a quick post with some little tips for both les femmes and les homes. Soooooooo…advice for the ladies first.

  1. A dude does not always want to be in control. It’s not just about who comes onto who. I know in some relationships it’s the woman who feels like she always makes the first move. This isn’t about that. This is when it’s going down. Obviously some guys want to dominate, whilst some are happy to be a bit more passive, but whatever the case, sometimes all a guy wants is for you to push him up against a wall, blow him and then ride the fuck out of him. Don’t ask. Don’t wait until the perfect moment. Just do it. Maybe even put your hand around his throat and see how that goes down. The point is, sometimes it’s good to make him your bitch!
  2. Don’t be squeamish. If this doesn’t apply to you, ignore. And god bless you. But if it does…ya know, we get it, you don’t really like cum. However, go down on a girl, make her cum hard and then come back to us. If we complained about having you on our face or whatever you’d get well offended! So even if you don’t really like it, man up!
  3. It’s not bobbing for apples! You have hands and a tongue as well ladies, I suggest you use them.
  4. Tell us what you want. Don’t go and complain to your friends that a dude was shit in bed if you never told him that you liked it a bit different. Yes we have ego’s but at then end of the day, all we want is to rock your world, so if we’re not doing it how you like it, tell us! We love a challenge. It’s like when someone says we can’t put up that chest of drawers…we will find a way! It’s all about communication.
  5. Be adventurous. I know right. Easy for me to say, I’m not the one getting my hair pulled. I’m just saying I’ve never had rough sex with a girl who didn’t love it. So try something outside of your comfort zone…whats the worst that could happen?!…Well alright don’t answer that! Which brings me to my last bit…
  6. Do you. Make no apologies for liking sex the way you like it. If you’re the kind of girl who likes it rough and hard it doesn’t make you a slut anymore than it makes someone who doesn’t boring. It’s just your personal preference and it’s all good.

And for the dudes…

  1. Don’t ignore the rest of her body. I know you can’t wait to get your hands on the rack and see how excited (or not) you’ve gotten her, but believe me, even if you’re only interested in those bits, I can guarantee that she’s aware of the rest of her body. Her neck, collarbone, ear lobes, back, hands…all gateways into giving her more pleasure. DO NOT NEGLECT!
  2. Multitask! Believe it or not your fingers and your tongue can do separate things at the same time. APPLY!!!
  3. Take your time. It’s not a race. You’re gonna get there in the end anyway so take your time to make sure she does to. For more on this read THIS POST.
  4. Don’t ask. Obviously don’t just stick your cock up her arse, but in general there is nothing that turns a girl off more than being asked ‘is that okay’ or ‘can I bend you over’ etc. Take charge and judge what she likes and doesn’t like by her bodies reaction. That won’t ever lie.
  5. Be adventurous. This doesn’t just apply to girls. A lot of girls are sexual vixens that want to explore their sexuality and are just looking for the right guy to do it with. Don’t be the guy that they talk about with the next one that was never up for anything different. Be the guy that she’ll always remember or better yet, can’t go without.

Anyways, just a few things to think about!