‘Owned’ (chapter 2)

If you missed it, chapter 1 is HERE.

After meeting with Eve the rest of the day passed by without much happening of note. I met a few more people who welcomed me to the company and extended invitations to drinks after work on Friday or to try their gym out, but for the most part I just set up my office and familiarised myself with the computer systems. In truth though, my mind was elsewhere the whole time. It was as if I wasn’t really there. Like I was watching the day on television or remembering it once it had already happened. I couldn’t shake the way that Eve had made me feel. The ghost of the feeling from when I first saw her was still lingering and haunting my thoughts and no matter what I did I couldn’t shake it. The effect she had on me was one I’d never experienced. I don’t even know how to describe it. Awe? confusion? Maybe that’s it. Maybe I was just taken aback by how beautiful she was and how she was so forward with me. Whatever the case it makes me uncomfortable. I felt like I had no power and that is one thing I can’t stand. The way she looked at me, like she knew I was off-balance. She enjoyed it. Even in the meeting I could tell she knew the effect she had on me, and it was like she fed off of my reaction. She was so blatant, but she owned it so forcefully. Bending over her desk briefly to reach her laptop. She knew exactly what she was doing. Holding my gaze a few seconds longer than what is normal social etiquette, forcing me to look away.

What the fuck is that?! That’s what I do to girls!

I need to sort my shit out, I’ve only met her once for all of twenty minutes and I’m obsessing over her already. I can’t help it though. I know myself well enough to know that I’m not going to be able to leave this alone until I’ve bent her over that desk. Why I want it so much is what bothers me. It’s ridiculous.

Maybe it’s because she’s my boss? 

Doubtful. I’ve fucked women in authority positions before. I slept with a lecturer whilst at uni and fucked my line manager at my first banking job, albeit on a drunken night out.

Nah that’s not it.

It’s more than that. There’s something about her. All day long I’ve been having flashbacks; the way her dress clung to her body and accentuated everything so perfectly or the way she had smiled almost imperceptibly when she noticed me observing her figure. She’s sexy in a way I’ve never encountered before. It was as if she wanted me to objectify her. It felt like she was letting me watch her and that she gained a certain power from it. Like she got off on my desire for her. I just can’t put my finger on what it is about her. I know I want her, but why so much? Maybe it’s just because she wasn’t at all what I was expecting when I turned around to see her. I was in no way prepared to see someone that sexy and was then caught even further off guard when she was so…aggressive. The way she owned her sexuality and wore it as comfortable as I might my favourite pair of jeans. I have always felt drawn to what’s new and exciting. The thrill of the chase and experiencing a woman’s body for the first time is something I never tire of. This is something I’ve always assumed most men experience to varying degrees; I think it’s just built into us, but for me, the desires of the flesh are absolutely intoxicating. I have always thought that lust is one of the things that makes us human. Go anywhere in the world and there are some things that are ever-present. Greed for instance. People always want more. It doesn’t matter where you go, its human nature for people to look upwards. It’s the same with lust. Thou shalt not covert thy neighbours wife or some shit like that, but we all do. Or the girl next door. Or the teacher. It could be anyone. It’s a basic human need, I just choose not to resist it. There have been women in the past that I wasn’t even particularly attracted to, but the pull of new sex and conquering something that had previously been forbidden was enough to awaken that side of me. This is my favourite thing about women; no two are ever the same. There is nothing to get bored of because it’s always different. It’s a meat market and one dominated by desire. I have experienced being an object of lust with the girls I slept with at uni and I have learnt to welcome it. Never becoming attached, never growing bored, forever remaining an image of sexual perfection for them, untainted by the inevitable dullness of familiarity. Forever remaining an object of fierce passion. There is no denying it, the lust of a new challenge is a powerful thing. But It’s not just that. I’ve lusted after hundreds of girls. I know lust. This is something I’ve never experienced. I don’t just want to sleep with her, I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her hard. I want to own her body. I feel almost frustrated by the fact.

What the fuck is wrong with you?!

I’ve only met her once and for no time at all. How can she have this effect on me?

Just let it go for fuck’s sake, she’s just a bird.

I shouldn’t even be thinking about it this much. She’s just a girl. I’m just making it into something else. It’s just that she caught me off guard and now I’m lusting after her and not able to do anything about it yet. I’ve always been prone to rash decisions and impulse and I’m sure that’s all this is. I just need to go out and meet another girl and fuck this feeling out of my system. But I still can’t help but have flashbacks. The way she’s so slim but somehow had this impossible arse. So toned and pert, yet perfectly full. Her eyes, her lips, her hair. I sigh out loud.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

The rest of the week passed without incident. Eve had left for two weeks on holiday with her husband which meant that I didn’t have an opportunity to try an reassert some dominance. I was surprised that I felt a twinge of jealousy when I found out she was married. It was a new sensation for me. I hadn’t really thought about it, but once I did, it made sense, given her age. I didn’t want to be blatant and ask around about her, but I found out she was 34 and gathered from the little I did hear that her husband was a big shot in the banking world. It wasn’t that I was jealous in the normal sense, it was just that I had become so obsessed with the idea of fucking her that I’d not even stopped to consider that someone else already was. Just imagining her naked and what her breasts would look like and how she would feel and taste made me begrudge her husband for already knowing these things. I kept thinking that he was probably fucking her at the very moment I was thinking about her. Whoever this Mr. Shawcross was, I instantly didn’t like him. Of course I was keenly aware of how ridiculous this was. But the idea of having her was now in my head. I knew there was only one way to get it out again.

‘I think you’re too much of a good girl to try anything too wild.’

Zara looked at me with a look I’d seen a million times. ‘Try me.’

After turning down all the invites during the first week, I had been convinced to head out for end of week drinks with some of the people from the office at the end of my second week. Despite myself I’ve actually had a good time so far. It reminds me of being at uni again. Roland Myers is situated in the heart of Canary Wharf in the borough of Tower Hamlets. It’s one of the two London financial hubs, the other being the city of London, and is home to some of the biggest banks and media organisations in the world. This of course means there is a lot of money around, and where there is money there inevitably follows places to spend it. It’s no different here. There are multiple bars and restaurants and every night they’re full of wealthy banker wankers or the trendy PR and marketing crowd. We decided on a cocktail bar called The Attic which is on the forty-seventh floor of Pan Peninsula. It’s über trendy and just the kind of place I like. It just looks like money. It’s the kind of place that you wouldn’t go on a budget and it reminds me of why I want to get to the top. Money is the great equalizer and once I have it the status will come with it. Status is what gets you what you want. And I want it all.

‘I wouldn’t want to corrupt you.’ I say with a cheeky smile.

After arriving as a group and spending time doing shots and rounds, people had started to disperse and Zara and I secluded ourselves by a large window that looks out over the Thames. The view is quite stunning wherever you stand really. Like I said, it just looks like money. I’ve been talking to her for about an hour and we’re both quite drunk, however I quickly discovered that she was not the type who handled her drinks with a quiet giggle. She’s been flirting with me more and more and now that we’re alone I’m starting to think that’s not all she wants. At first I hadn’t wanted to encourage her attentions because of Eve, but I had quickly reprimanded myself. There was also the issue of fucking a junior staff member after only being there for two weeks, but office romances are quite common these days, even if still a bit of a scandal. The scandal part was especially true since I already knew that I didn’t have any real interest in Zara. She strikes me as the type that comes across as being really dirty; I’ve heard some of the guys in the office say that they think she’d be a good ride and she does give that impression, but I think it’s for show. Anyway, now that I’m drunk I feel like finding out for myself. I know that there is nothing in it for me beyond sex, but right now that seems like enough. And she’s hot, there’s no denying it. Wearing a dress like the one Eve had been wearing, but in black with matching Louboutin shoes that go well with her light brown hair that she’s wearing down today. She wears too much makeup for my liking which makes me think she’s probably quite insecure. She’s got a trim figure although I know from talking with her tonight that she thinks she’s overweight. That’s ridiculous as she must only be a size 10 if that, and when I told her she looked like a size 8 max, she blushed. It’s too easy really. The drunker I get the more I want to get her naked and actually see what it’s like under her clothes. Nothing like Eve I’m sure, but still.

‘What makes you think I haven’t already been corrupted?’ She says while seductively tracing her straw around her lips.

‘Well there’s corruption and then there’s corruption. I feel like you’re all talk if I’m honest Za.’ I tease.

She loves this I can tell. ‘There’s a lot of things I can do with my mouth besides talk.’

I raise my right eyebrow and smile with what I judge to be my sexiest smile. ‘Maybe one day we’ll find out then won’t we.’

‘Mmmmmmmm….yeah…’ She moans.

I’ve got Zara pressed up against the door to her apartment. It’s just under an hour since we slipped away from the bar, and the short tube journeys were filled with sexual banter and tactile flirting. She lives in a one bed flat in West Kensington that her parents pay for and I can’t help but feel a bit of animosity that her life is so easy. I’ve felt this way many times of course and I always do the same thing and channel the feeling into sexual aggression. I pin her arms behind her back as I kiss her and she moans like I’ve come to expect. I find myself excited to fuck her. I know that it’s wrong but I want to angry bang her because of my frustration about Eve. I spin her around so that she can open the door. She fumbles with the keys as I hike up her skirt and grip her arse. No knickers. Impressive.

‘I’m gonna fuck you silly.’ I whisper in her ear, the south London in my accent free of the restraint I use at work.

I move my hand around to her front and trace my fingers over her pussy. She’s already so wet. I can’t help but respond. She gets the door open and we almost fall inside. It’s not a big place considering she told me her parents pay over four grand a month for it, but I guess location is everything. She pulls me into her bedroom and pushes me hard in the chest so that I fall onto her bed. It’s immaculately made, with a white satin duvet cover and matching pillows arranged neatly. I look over at her as she unzips her dress and lets it drop to the floor. She’s wearing a black bra that pushes her tits together but that comes off just as quick. Considering she was talking about being overweight, she’s not very body conscious. Not that she should be. She’s got a nice body, not spectacular, but more than serviceable. She’s lacking in the arse department, but she’s got a great pair of tits, which make up for it. I can’t help but think back to Eve and how her arse had looked so amazing.

‘You said something about fucking me silly…? She says, looking me dead in the eye.

Maybe she’s not all talk. I stand up and unbutton my shirt and take off my belt whilst moving over to her. I walk her back to the door and press myself against her whilst moving my hands over body. I’m disappointed to find out she’s one of these girls that doesn’t seem to be able to be pleasured and use her own hands at the same time. And they say men can’t multitask! My cock is aching for her to touch it but she’s just standing there whilst I finger fuck her. I instantly know that I’m going to be the one to do all the work.

In the end the sex was pretty good. As I thought, she left me to do most of the work, but she did give me an above average blowjob, even if it was too short. I fucked her how I wanted to and gave her what I knew she wanted. A bit of the rough stuff without it being too rough. I pulled her hair a bit and slapped her arse a few time, and then spun her over and came on her tits. I could tell she had enjoyed it even though she wasn’t the most vocal, especially the rough stuff. As always I wished I could show her what rough really was, but there was no way she was that type of girl. A bit of hair pulling is one thing, but to truly have rough sex, the girl has to be a special breed. To want to be fully dominated and have someone own your body is something I know from experience is very rare. I’ve been with a few girls who were almost there, but I’ve never met a woman who fully satisfied that side of me. It’s clear that Zara is not going to be that girl at any rate. When I fuck a girl I normally just want to leave after we’re done and this was no exception. I led talking to her for a while even though the second I’d blown my load I wanted to get the fuck out. The last thing I wanted to do with her was cuddle, but at the same time I didn’t want to make her feel bad. She eventually started playing with me again which resulted in me fucking her for a second time. There was no way I was going to be excited enough to come again so I fucked her doggy style until I thought that she couldn’t take anymore. The fact that I couldn’t blow my load meant that I could fuck her as hard as possible which did serve to get me more into it. I hammered her with everything I had and this time she did scream. I tried to excite myself by imagining coming on her face or fucking her in the arse, but it didn’t help. Once I finished I told her I had to leave, telling her that I had to get the last tube back. She asked me if I wanted to stay the night but I made up an excuse about having a family commitment in the morning.

As I walk out of her flat towards South Kensington underground I feel my mind drifting back to Eve. She’s back on Monday and I can’t wait to see her. She’s the one I really want to fuck. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m slightly obsessed with her and now I just want to get my hands on her. The fact that if her big shot husband found out it would probably cause career trouble for me, just makes the thought more exciting. I know I’m getting ahead of myself and for all I know her marriage is rock solid. She may also flirt with everyone the way she did with me. Maybe she’s like Zara and it’s just how she is. An attention seeker. Maybe she’s not even interested and hasn’t given me a second thought. But I don’t think so. I think there’s more to it. Either way I’m going to find out.