What does it mean when a guy…

Doesn’t text/call back.

He’s not interested basically. If he wants you, he’ll call you. A lot of women will make excuses for a guy, like maybe he’s just been busy, or maybe my text didn’t go through, or maybe I wrote something he’s taken the wrong way.  Negative. If he wants you, he’ll call.

Doesn’t come ‘in for a drink.’

He’s either a really nice guy and wants to take things slow, or he’s not interested and the date/dates have not gone well! You should be able to differentiate between those two based on how the night has gone and his attitude towards you. Hopefully it’s just that he’s one of the rare dudes who just thinks taking it slow is beneficial in the long term. Any girl would do well to remember that making a guy wait is always a good thing if she wants him to stay interested, so him not coming in may not be a bad thing. Unless he is genuinely not interested. You’ll have to make that judgement yourself!

Plays hard to get.

He’s probably not playing. Much as in the first point, if he wants you, it will be pretty obvious and you won’t have to wonder. If he’s being elusive and not making much effort I suspect that at most you’re just a bang to him. He probably thinks that you’re looking for something a bit more serious so he’s keeping his distance. The alternative is that he’s playing hard to get because he has no interest in you actually having him. Whatever the case, it’s not a good sign.

Can’t get it up.

If it’s a one off, it doesn’t mean anything. Chill the fuck out, it happens. If you stress the guy out about it he’s definitely not gonna give you any pipe because…well let me break it down. Erections happen when blood flows to the johnson. For this to happen the tissue needs to be relaxed, hence why guys tend to get a stiff one first thing in the morning. So if the dude is stressed, no chance. If it’s a long term thing then maybe there is more to it. Maybe it’s medical or perhaps there is a psychological issue. There is also the possibility that he doesn’t find you attractive, but then why would you be in the position to know about his boner if he didn’t want to sleep with you.

Would rather hang out with his boys.

Sometimes a guy just needs to be with his boys. To chat the kind of shit that girls would never even imagine. Who would win out of Russel Crowe from Gladiator and Jack Bauer. Stupid, irrelevant shit. But It’s important irrelevant shit. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to spend time with you, it just means he likes to chill with the guys. Don’t overanalyse it and don’t be the type of girl who tries to tell him where he can and can’t go, because unless his balls are small, shrivelled, empty sacks of shame, you are only going to make him want to spend even less time with you.

Doesn’t want to do everything with you.

Let’s put some context on it. If he never wants to do anything with you, then obviously there is a problem, but if it’s just that he wants to go out with the guys without you occasionally, or wants to hang out with some other friends sometimes, then honestly, that is normal. You don’t have to do everything together all of the time and it’s okay to have your own things. In essence, you need to remember that you are still two individual people. Shared interests and goals are what keep you together, not having your hands in each others pockets the whole time and becoming completely co-dependent.

So that’s just a few things. I’m sure there are a million more. Hit me up on here or on Twitter if you have any of your own!