To Paris (and the rest of the world) with love.

I had a blog planned for this week. Full of sex and filth and a little bit of controversy. But in the end I couldn’t write it because the only thing in my heart was sadness about the events of this week. I guess in that respect, the terrorists did their job. They’ve stopped me from putting out the art that I love. I mean don’t get me wrong, I spit in the face of extremists and everything they stand for and they aren’t going to stop me from doing anything through fear, but I find that the events of this week have left me feeling profoundly despondent. I just can’t find the motivation to write about the fun stuff I usually do, because to be honest, I’m just too pissed off and broken by what happened in Paris.

It breaks me for a number of reasons. Firstly because of the obvious loss of life. The fact that 129 lives could be extinguished so needlessly. 129 people that got up in the morning with a life full of endless possibilities ahead of them that were murdered in the most cowardly of ways by men that have no soul themselves and know only how to hate. Can you even comprehend the heinousness of such a violation? It’s easy to get caught up in the abstract and just hear the number and know that it’s a terrible tragedy but not fully immerse yourself in the reality of it. But try for a minute. Try to imagine knowing that your life was about to come to an end. The sheer hopelessness of knowing that some one was about to take away everything you are. This is the thing about murder. It’s not just extinguishing someones life. It’s taking away everything that person could have been. The infinite potential and possibilities of that person’s life are erased. They cease to be. Their consciousness, there one minute, is ripped away in the most unnatural of ways, and everything that the person could have become is no longer possible. The finality of it chills me to the bone. My heart literally breaks for those people and their families.

I could go on for hours about the dogs that committed the atrocities. How they are cowards. How I wish every single one of them were dead. How I hate them with every fibre of my being. But what’s the point? To talk about them only gives them more publicity, and for what? To condemn them? I just can’t see the need as it’s so obvious. They are weak and soft and have no moral fibre. They are empty shells. Bullies in the worst and most brutal sense of the word. They are not soldiers or martyrs nor are they brave. They are murderers of the innocent and defenceless and deserve the contempt that comes with that title. No, I’m not going to waist the space.

Instead, I want to talk about the thing that breaks me the most. It’s something I’ve thought about for a while but never really put down on paper because it’s so easy to offend people these days. But fuck it, I don’t care. Staying silent is just as bad. At least if I say what I feel then I can hold my head high and say that I spoke out.

So here it is. I’m tired of people only giving a shit about the stuff that effects them. And by them, I mean, as a culture. Or a colour. Or a geographical position. Whatever. I’m so done with people being angry about some things, but not everything. I’m tired of some white people being outraged when a british soldier is killed and ranting on Facebook, but not hearing hardly anything when a Jordanian pilot is set alight. I’m tired of some black people sharing every single post about a black person stabbed by a white group but then not saying a word when an Asian kid gets murdered by a group of black kids. I’m fed up of people mourning attacks in Western Europe just because they can relate to it, but barely acknowledging when a shopping mall full of Kenyans is executed or when a school in Pakistan in brutally attacked. I’m tired of seeing some muslims use tragedies like Paris to highlight the lack of Facebook reaction to what happens in Palestine; just condemn it. And continue to condemn what happens elsewhere. Don’t trivialise one to help another. CONDEMN IT ALL!!!  And fuck me, I’m so sick and tired of the amount of ill informed miscreants out there who just have no fucking clue about anything, but act like they no about everything! No, immigrants are not stealing your jobs. No, the police don’t only stop black people. No, Islam is not the problem, terrorism is. Get a fucking clue and actually do some research instead of just believing every piece of bullshit information you hear.

I’m just tired of people looking after their own interests. How the hell are we supposed to defeat evil cults like ISIS when we can’t even mourn with indiscrimination. It shouldn’t matter who is dead. Or who is abused. Or who is down trodden. What should matter is that another human being is suffering. EVERYONE’s heart should break for what happens in Palestine. And equally so when an innocent Israeli dies. EVERYONE’s heart should break when a person is killed unlawfully by an American police officer, whether he’s black, white or fucking Martian, just as it should break when a police officer is gunned down in his patrol car. We cry out in justified anger when terrorists kill people in Paris, but we do so even more vehemently because it’s on our door step. If it can happen in Paris it can happen in London. But that shouldn’t matter! EVERYONE’s soul should bleed for Paris because 129 humans lost their life. EVERYONE’s soul should bleed for the 141 people that died in Peshawar and the 67 deaths at the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya. It shouldn’t matter where, or what. All that should matter to us is that humans, just like you and me, have lost their lives. That a person, with thoughts and dreams and a future, all of a sudden had it all taken away.

It’s time to stop choosing what we break for and come together and break for it all. One people. One human race.

My heart mourns for Paris. Even more so because I’m reminded of all the others that have lost their lives. Je suis Paris? Yeah. But Je suit Peshawar. Je suis Palestine. Je suis Woolwich. Je suis Beirut. Je suis Aurora. Je suis Norway. Je suis Baga. I could go on for a million more lines. But what it comes down to is Je suis tout le mode.

I am everyone.