Why it’s sometimes good to let your woman dominate you.

I wrote a post a while ago about why people should try rough sex. I wrote it because I think there is a bit of a stigma attached to it, especially when it comes to women who want to be dominated, but also because thats what I like. I like the fury of unbridled passion. I like the way it make me feel when I want someone so much that just being close to them isn’t enough. I like taking charge and owning a woman’s body, not because it make me feel powerful, but because of the way it makes her feel. The fact that she wants to submit all of her control and have me take her roughly conversely gives her more control, because underneath it all, she knows her body has absolute power over me. That’s why I like to be rough and dominant. But what about when the tables are turned? What about when the woman takes charge of you and uses you any way she sees fit?

Throughout the history of my sex life, I’ve found it hard to submit control, not because I feel uncomfortable doing so, but I tend to find that the base instincts take over to such an extent that I can’t control myself enough to let it happen. It’s quite primal really. Animalistic. However when I have managed to curb my need to unleash long enough to allow a girl to control me, I’ve always found it to be so ridiculously sexy that the sex is usually off the charts. The way the frustration builds. The need. The desire. Not being able to have my way. Knowing I could dominate her but being restrained from doing so, all the while being teased and pushed to the limits of my ability to not lose my fucking mind and bend her over and let her see just what she’s done to me. Just imagine her on top of you, slowly riding you, building you up but never taking you the full way. Over and over again to the point where you’re almost begging her to LET you bust what by that point will be the most amazing of nuts.You want to touch her but you can’t. Want her to fuck you hard, but she won’t. Imagine the way you’ll need her. Crave her. The feeling of absolute lust that will leave you a raging inferno of sexual desire.

So let her tie you up. Let her blindfold you. Let her touch you and tease you in any way she pleases. Obey her. If she tells you not to touch, you don’t touch. If she tells you to not make a sound, then don’t make a sound. Do whatever it is she commands. Restrain yourself. Test your own limits for patience. Because when you’re finally free to release your sexual energy, whether that be because she has let you go or because you just could’t contain it anymore, I promise you, that is going to be some of the best sex of your fucking life.

And who hasn’t got time for that!