How to be the best she’s ever had.

I spoke about this a few weeks back when we were looking at what it means if a man doesn’t cum during sex. It’s one of those things that is just ingrained in a guys psyche. We don’t just want to be the best you’ve ever had, we NEED it. Well most of the time anyway. Obviously if it’s a one night bang then it may not matter as much, especially if you’re not that into it for one reason or another (have a read of my ‘worst sex of my life‘ stories for examples of that!), but for this article we’ll assume it’s with a girl that actually matters to you in some form and that her sexual gratification is important to you. So, let’s get down to it!

1. Understand that every woman’s body is different.

This is probably the most important thing to remember. Just because something worked with a former sexual partner, doesn’t mean it’s going to work with the new one. Every girl has different likes and dislikes. Some may be really sensitive in some areas, whereas others don’t really get much from being touched there. Likewise you may find some girls who are overly sensitive in those areas. The point is, don’t go in with a rigid sexual technique that you think is a guaranteed way to make her cum. Obviously there are going to be some things you’ve learnt along the way which are going to be useful and may be just the thing that drives the next girl over the edge, but you still need to understand that this is not your ex. It’s a new girl, with new quirks and new desires. So take all the techniques and knowledge you’ve gained from all your past sex, and then pay attention to her body, read what it tells you and then use what you’ve learnt in the past to tailor your sex game to her needs.

2. Put her first.

You’re gonna bust that good nut. You know you are. The majority of the time, a guy cummin is not an issue, so theres no need to worry about that for the most part. I mean lets be real, it’s pretty fucking easy to blow your load as a guy, it ain’t rocket science. Girls on the other hand are a lot more complex. You need to take your time and build her up. Girls love a quicky sometimes, but to be the best she’s ever had, you’re going to need to understand the importance of foreplay. Your tongue between her legs is not just a weapon in your sexual arsenal, it’s your Mike Tyson knockout punch. If you get your oral game on point, then you are half way there because a lot of guys don’t know what the fuck they’re doing down there, or they do but don’t do it anywhere near enough. Be generous, and be talented and you will be on your way to her sexual hall of fame.

3. Don’t be obvious.

Don’t be the guy that licks a tit, fingers her for a bit before maybe going down on her for a minute and then fucking her. Sure the first time that might be okay. But if that’s your entire game, then forget about it. You need to blow her mind from the start by engaging her body in less obvious ways. Obviously this ties in with the first point about paying attention for what works for her and what doesn’t, but for example; kiss her collarbone, not just her neck (but for gods sake DO kiss her neck!!! Yet to find a girl that doesn’t love that). Run your hands down her side and around her thighs, carress her breasts but don’t just leave your hands on them, play with her nipples and quickly find out if she likes it hard or soft. When she’s on top, of course you need to be gripping that booty, but don’t get preoccupied to the point you gorget about other things! Run your hands over her back (especially the lower back in my experience) and tantalise all the nerve endings she has there. When going down on her, pay attention to her inner thighs and tease her to the point where you can tell she is going to lose her mind. Her calves, her hands, shit maybe even her feet. The point is, there are so many areas on her body that are craving and deserving of your attention. If you can engage them all, you’re going to be giving her something I doubt many other men have ever given her.

4. Be dominant.

I’m not saying throw her through a window or knock her out here by the way!! But seriously, I know that I said find out what she likes, but I have yet to find a woman who doesn’t want to be dominated in the bedroom. You don’t necessarily have to be rough, although I have also found pretty much every girl likes that as well, but you do have to be assertive. That doesn’t mean push her head towards your dick! It means be decisive and powerful. Most girls want to surrender control to you during sex, so don’t be the guy asking ‘is that okay?’ and ‘do you want me to bend you over?’ because…just cringe. Girls everywhere just dried up. You need to take charge, be a man, and show her what you’re all about. Again, by reading her body you should be able to tell what she wants, and if you have to ask if it’s okay, then just stop and walk out the for and give up on being the best she’s ever had.

5. Make her want it when she can’t have it.

It’s all good being uber sexual in the bedroom but it’s the anticipation that builds the lust in the in between times that is the key to having awesome sex when you finally get together. In other words, lay the ground work right and you are guaranteed to reap the benefits. So make sure to be flirty and make it abundantly clear that when she’s around there is no one else in the room. Be tactile. Radiate sexual energy in her direction. Leave her in no doubt that when you finally get the chance you are going to own every inch of her body and that you can barely contain yourself from bending her over right where she stands. Make her feel lusted after and sexy. Craved. Needed. Tease her with text messages and leave her in doubt that you are a smouldering volcano of dirty intentions struggling not to erupt and that she is the only thing that will ever be able to satisfy you. 

So that’s it. Do those things, and of course don’t actually be shit in bed, and you will quickly find yourself satisfying her in ways no one else ever has. She feels good. Your ego is happy. Everyone’s a winner! 😃💦