Why you should give in to your desires.

I read a piece this week about a woman who went back and visited all of her exes shortly before she was due to marry her current partner. She said that she did it because she wanted to make sure she had no doubts or unresolved issues. In the article, she says;

 People put more thought into buying a car than into whom they are going to marry. Is it really so wrong to check out the other options – to look over the men I’ve left behind?

A lot of the comments were criticising her for not just loving her fiancé enough to have faith and blah blah blah. That issue itself could spawn another blog, but for me I was interested in the idea of someone doing what was necessary to feel happy. Or content. Or whatever the fuck you want to call it. See I think that a lot of the time, people know what they want, know what they desire, but they don’t go for it because their head tells them not to. Maybe it seems too risky. Maybe it seems like the desire is too scary or difficult to attain. Whatever the case, people often don’t do the thing they need to do to give them the piece of mind they crave.

For example, if like the writer of the article, you need to revisit some ghosts from the past to make sure you are fully committed to the future, then why not? If you need to take a shot with a risky love interest because you know you’ll never be able to have closure if you don’t, then what’s stopping you? Maybe it’s giving someone the chance to redeem themselves or maybe it’s forgoing your pride and begging for the second chance you know know you probably don’t deserve and won’t get. Or maybe it’s holding onto something longer than you should just to know you gave it your all.

Whatever it is, sometimes you need to give in to your desires. Because at the end of the day, there is nothing worse than regrets. What the desires are will be different depending on the person. It could be ending a relationship. Straying from one. Or maybe taking the leap to move a relationship to the next level. It could be anything. This does not just relate to relationship and sex stuff of course. It’s about life. The point is, there are times when you need to consider your own happiness. Try and silence all the noise. All the pressures. All the voices both internal and external that tell you what the smart play is and instead try and answer one simple question. What makes you happy?

Answer that question and I guarantee your life will be a better place. The rest is all white noise. Footnotes on the story of your life. So…what are you waiting for?

Ask yourself.