‘OWNED’ (Chapter 6)

This chapter picks up from the where the original short story left off so make sure you read that first (click HERE) if you haven’t already or go back to the start by reading CHAPTER 1.

As soon as Max leaves my office and I hear his footsteps disappear, I run over to the door, lock it and then close the shutters properly. I chide myself internally for not making sure they were closed before. I don’t know what happens to me when that boy is near me! I seem to lose my common sense whenever he’s touching me and it’s getting dangerous. I could hear the people down the hall and it wouldn’t have taken much for them to walk down here and look through the half closed blinds. I don’t even think I was being that quiet. 

You stupid girl!

I find I’m telling myself off more and more these days for my ridiculous behaviour. I’m like a school girl who’s having sex with her first boyfriend! I’ve made attempts to keep away from Max but it’s proved futile so far and even when I resolve to actually do it, I know deep down that it’s not a realistic ambition. An obvious truth when trying to give something up, even when you know it’s bad for you is that you have to actually want to give it up. This is proving to be the biggest obstacle because despite all my reservations and the knowledge that this could all end up going horribly wrong, especially if Joshua found out, I just can’t get enough of Max. I’m infatuated. Completely and utterly spellbound by the way he fucks me. That’s it of course. No pretence here that this is anything more than raw, animal lust. But it’s beyond anything I could ever have imagined, even in my fantasies. He owns my body the way I’ve always craved and makes no apologies for the way he uses me. I can literally feel my heart speed up as I think about him. 

I walk over to my desk and open my top drawer and take out some wet wipes. I can still feel his cum warm on my face and as much as I enjoy the feeling of power and satisfaction I get from seeing his face as he orgasms and how turned on he is by coming on my face, now he’s gone I need to clean myself up and get presentable. As I look in the mirror I can see that it’s gone in my hair as well, from which I derive a perverse satisfaction. I know a lot of women that couldnt imagine anything worse than having a guy shoot his load over their face, let alone get some in their hair. This is my public position of course. Maybe it’s just a front on their part as well. The thought makes me chuckle as I imagine that we are in fact a nation of women who secretly love taking messy facials. I personally have always seen it as a trophy, almost like the reward for my hard sexual efforts. I’ve also never been squeamish about these things and I’ve never quite understood women that don’t want to experience sex in all it’s filthy and delightful varieties, but I suppose I have always liked sex in ways that wouldn’t be understood my most women. By most men in fact. Before marrying Joshua I had the clichéd wild patch where I slept with more people than I like to admit, but hardly ever did I find myself completely satisfied. I did have some really good sex with my first boyfriend, which introduced me to the rougher side of sex which I have grown to love, but even that was nothing on what Max and I get up to. This is probably one of the biggest factors which has resulted in my current extra marital situation, because no matter how often over the years I have tried to get Joshua to dominate me in that fashion, he simply does not have it in him. I think he feels like it is degrading or something, which I actually find to be extremely sexist and belittling, as if because I am a woman I am only allowed to like sex a certain way. It’s a judgemental and complextely antiquated viewpoint that seems to be to be prevalent in society which of course means my true sexual desires are kept secret and only shared with a few of my closest girlfriends. And now Max. There is certainly no problem with Max. I can still feel my bum cheek slightly hot and stinging from how he spanked me and as always there is the feeling in the back of my throat that serves as a lingering reminder of how he fucked my mouth. I can feel myself getting wet again just at the thought and almost want to start playing with myself. 

God, I really am like a horny teenager.

My sex drive really is going through the roof now. Unfortunately I have a business function I have to be at. Max is also going to be there so maybe it was a good thing that he came into my office and fucked me. Maybe now I’ll be able to be around him without being reduced to a horny mess. Maybe. But probably not.

I shower at the office, which is nothing new due to the amount of late nights and lunch time gym sessions I do, but none the less I’m grateful that this is an option because otherwise I would have to turn up to the event with cum in my hair and probably smelling like sex. Not that I mind that smell. The scent of lust is one I’ve missed for too long, but I doubt my professional persona would be greeted with such understanding. As I start to get dressed I notice my torn knickers on the floor.


I’d completely forgot that Max had ripped them off when he had me bent over the table. I didn’t pack a spare either. I’m wearing a dress to the event so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem but I’d still rather not be talking to people that I might be doing business with at a later date while wearing no knickers. Thank fuck he didn’t cum inside me or I’d be serious trouble! I imagine the potential disaster of needing to run to the toilet mid conversation as sex trickles down my leg and can’t help but do an involuntary shudder at the thought of how mortified I’d be. I pick up the knickers and examine them and see that they are completely unsalvageable. They were from Victoria’s Secret and are part of a set, which meant that the bra would now rendered useless. This is not the first time this has happened so I don’t know why I’m surprised. Max has this habit of not wanting to wait to undress me and just fucking me however he can get me. I like this of course but it is becoming an expensive habit! We’ve been sleeping together for over a month now and ever since that night in the alleyway I have found that each time he touches me I surrender more and more of myself to him, almost as if the first time he took me eradicated all of my willpower and allowed the floodgates to open inside me, unleashing all of my pent up lust. I still know it’s wrong but I always make a point about being honest with myself and I know that I’m too into…whatever this thing is, to even try and stop it. It just feels to god damn good. A slightly guilty conscience and raised underwear expense is a price I am more than willing to pay. 


I arrive at the function an hour or so later. Fashionably late would be the term. I have quite clear ideas on time management that can be separated into two categories; when people are coming to you and when you are going to them. Now of course, there are times when it is absolutely essential to be on time. For instance, it would be a great sign of disrespect to turn up late to a meeting with potential Chinese business partners. However, sometimes it can be advantageous to make people wait for you and this is where my two categories come into play. If people are coming to me, I always want to be early, so as to own the room before the other parties enter, thus ensuring I am not off balance and am completely prepared. Plus, I feel it is always an advantage to see them coming. Conversely, when I am being hosted, I like to keep them guessing and off balance. It all comes down to knowing the strength of your position. If you are in demand then you hold all the power and making people wait can offer additional tactical benefits. This is the approach I take to public social events; better to leave them wondering about your attendance. Not too late, just enough that people have noticed your absence. The function is a charity event organised by a foundation that my husband helped to set up with the intention of tackling international and domestic issues, such as health and education. I feel a twinge of guilt at moments like this because I am reminded that despite being a neglectful husband, my husband is actually one of the good guys. I should just divorce him, that would be the right thing to do, but my head is just such a mess. This event is symbolic of everything that is wrong with out relationship; he puts in all this effort, gets celebrity attendance and benefactors who will pledge bucket loads of money, and then isn’t even here in person which is the most important thing. My guilt turns to resentment as I remember the holiday and how distant he had been. The man is so frustrating I could just fucking scream! The event is being held at an exclusive London hotel and I decide I can’t be bothered to get a taxi home so I pay for a room and decide to have a drink in my suite before I join the fray. Between Max and now thinking about Joshua I feel like I need a minute to calm down. The hotel is gorgeous and as I approach my suite, I can’t help but think about the life Joshua has provided me with and-

Before I can get in the door I feel a hand around my mouth and an arm around my waist. For a brief moment I panic and I feel my heart instantly start racing and my stomach feel like I’ve just been on a sharp drop on a rollercoaster, but then I smell the familiar scent of Max’s cologne. This only makes my heart race faster. He spins me around and presses me firmly against the wall. I look at him, still completely flustered by the surprise of his embrace. He doesn’t waste any time and pushes himself against me, pinning me to the wall. He raises my arms above my head and holds my wrists in place with one strong hand

‘I saw you come in,’ he whispers into my ear as he kisses my ear lobe. ‘ Thought I’d help you with your bags.’ 

I still can’t believe how instant the reaction is from my body. How quickly my heart starts to race. How flushed I feel. I’m so into him I almost can’t remember what it was like to not feel this way.

‘I don’t have any bags.’ I say, breathless with excitement. I know what’s coming and I know what he’s about to do to me and I can’t wait.

‘I know.’ He replies simply.

Still with my hands above my head he uses he free hands to hike up my dress. He grips my bum hard and I can tell, just as I could the first time I caught him staring at it, that he can’t get enough.

‘Let’s go into the room before-‘

He doesn’t even let me finish. He spins me around and presses me against the wall again, this time face first. His hands move between my legs and despite myself I can’t help but part them for him. This is the second time today we’ve been risking being caught, and as before, I just can’t find the resolve to stop things. Max doesn’t even seem to care, even though I know he must know the consequences would be almost as bad for him if we were to get caught. I’ve never spoken with him about my husband, but I assume he knows because he’d have to be an idiot not to. He just doesn’t seem to have anything in his mind except me and my body and once he’s got me, nothing else matters. It’s intoxicating. To be that desired and that lusted after is something I’ve wanted my whole life and now I have it with Max I feel like I’m addicted. As he plays with me I can feel my knees literally getting weak. My legs start to feel unstable to the point that I’m sure it’s just a mixture between Max and the wall that is holding me up. He starts to bite my neck as he increases the rhythm of his fingers and I feel myself getting closer to coming.

‘Max,’ I manage to get out in between my soft moans. ‘Take me inside and fuck me please.’

His fingers stop moving and he releases the grip he has on my wrists. My arms drop and immediately move to steady myself against the wall. I try to turn but he doesn’t let me. Instead I can feel him fiddling with his belt buckle and trousers.

He’s going to fuck me right here, in the corridor.

As the thought dawns on me I feel an intense feeling of excitement come over me. There are undoubtably people from the event who are staying here. Any one of them could walk out of the lift at any moment. Or someone could come out of one of the other rooms, or at the very least look through the spy hole and see us. I can feel myself panicking and becoming flustered, but I still do nothing to stop him. Nothing at all. I stand there, still pressed against the wall, just waiting for him to move me, or command me. I’m frozen by my absolute need for him to own my body and it’s like I’ve lost all control and ability to reason. I know this is stupid but I just don’t care. In the here and now I just want him to fuck me and I don’t care about the consequences.

‘Ask me to.’ he whispers. 

I know what he wants. He wants me to submit to him fully and beg him to fuck me. Sometimes I like to be rebellious and resist him, but in between my nerves and my excitement I don’t want to wait a second longer.

‘Please just fuck me Max!’ I say, louder than I meant to. 

He’s obviously at least slightly aware of the risk we’re running being out here because he doesn’t hesitate. He steps back and pulls me with him and then pushes my head forward. Doggy then. As soon as he’s inside me I lose all fear of being seen. Lose everything really. All there is left is this desire to be had. To be needed. To be used and desired and cherished and fucked like a whore and a queen at the same time. He doesn’t waste time building up and starts fucking me hard right from the start. I can tell it’s not the easiest angle for him, mainly because I’m so short and he’s so tall, but he makes it work. I’m so excited I can already tell I’m going to climax easily, and I’m confident he will as well. My mind starts to become a blur of thoughts and soon nothing exists but how good this feels. He’s not holding back at all and through the haze of pleasure I can register the sound of his thighs slapping against my arse leaving me in no doubt that despite me attempting to stifle my screams, this is not quiet. I feel a rough pull at the back of my head where he grabs my hair, using it as leverage to pull me further into him. The pain is sharp, but I love it. It’s so rough and dominant and it makes me squeal with delight. I can feel my orgasm getting closer. My stomach is tightening and I can feel the sensation rising up my legs towards my pussy in waves of pleasure.

‘I’m gonna cum’ he breathes.

I love that. The thought of him not being able to control himself drives me over the edge and my orgasm comes hard and fast. My legs almost buckle and I let out an involuntary scream. He carries on fucking me hard the whole time and the waves of pleasure reach an orgasmic crescendo that leaves my whole body feeling weak. I know I would fall to the floor without him holding me, as he continues to hammer away on me. I can tell it was a good orgasm because I’ve gone deaf and can’t really hear anything but my own breathing. I feel the unmistakeable moment when Max comes and feel another wave of pleasure run through me. He never stops straight away and this is no different, but gradually he slows down and as he does he pushes me against the wall again and I can feel his lips on my ear. 

‘You’re amazing’ he whispers.

Still with my eyes closed and breathing heavy, I can’t help but smile and let out a soft post sex moan. In this moment I feel so good I can’t imagine ever not doing this with him. As he pulls out of me I can feel his cum on my thighs and I realise just how dirty this scene is. It’s sordid and seedy. Pure lust that doesn’t have any respect for normal social boundaries. And I love it.

After we clean up, Max goes downstairs. I wait for about thirty minutes before I follow, partly to allay any suspicion, and secondly because after two sex sessions, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep my appearance up. I’m convinced that people will be able to see that I’ve just been fucked and so I reapply my makeup and do what I can with my hair. When I finally make my way to the function room, I walk in and see the familiar look on people’s faces when they see me. The men, trying not to stare and the women that don’t know me with a look that I always judge to be a mix of jealousy and longing. Like I said, I’m not one of these women that doesn’t know she is attractive. The room is large and has several walls that separate different areas so that people can sit and chat, mingle or dance to the live band. There is also a nice balcony area which I find appealing right now because I’m still a bit flustered. I make my way up a small flight of stairs and down the corridor to the balcony area. A waiter offers me a glass of champagne which I take gladly. I feel like anything that will settle my nerves is a good thing right now! Once onto the balcony area I lean over one of the marble sides and look out at the night sky, enjoying the feeling of satisfaction in my body whilst once again scolding myself for my reckless behaviour. As I’m caught in my thoughts I’m interrupted by the sound of Max laughing. Again the butterflies are instant. I look over to where he is standing and instantly feel my stomach lurch and I have to consciously stop myself from being sick. The feeling of panic is so real that I almost feel like I’m going to faint.

‘Evey!’ exclaims Joshua. ‘Where have you been darling? I’ve been looking for you.’

He gives me a hug and a brief kiss on the lips and luckily doesn’t seem to notice that I’m trembling. As he hugs me I look at Max and can see the look of confusion on his face and then the look of panic as he slowly puts the pieces together. 

Darling, I’d like you to meet Max Adams, he’s just started working for us. Max, I’d like you to meet my wife, Evelina.’