Tinder: 50 reasons I swiped left…

So first of let me say, I am 100% nicking this idea from someone else. I read a blog last week which I really liked by @nososexintheci who writes a blog called Not So Sex In The City. She wrote a blog called ‘100 reasons why I swiped left on Tinder‘ and apart from finding it funny, I found it brutally honest, which I love. So check it out for a good read.

Blogging about sex is a strange business for me, because most of the people that do it are female. The upside is that when they write about a good topic, sometimes I can jump in and give the opposite side of the coin and give a guy’s opinion. And that is exactly what is going on here. And please, before anyone gets all offended, it’s Tinder. It’s a meat market. People judging each other on how they look. It’s shallow. Whatever. It is what it is. But this is designed to be an honest representation. So chill, don’t take shit too seriously and read on if you dare…

  1. Too crack-ish. Plus it’s a group photo. Why do people do that?
  2. That nose though.
  3. Drawn on eyebrows. ‘Please make it a twin!’…fail.
  4. A child and an old man in your photo. How did you think this was a good idea?!
  5. 30. But you look 50. Hard road miles.
  6. Holding a ‘Leave.EU’ placard.
  7. “Full time mummy.” Nothing wrong with that, just not for me right now.
  8. Face too wide.
  9. Eyes and nose weird me out. Can’t explain why.
  10. Crack-ish. Again. whats up with that.
  11. A group photo where everyone else is blurred out? WTF?
  12. You’re orange. Why are you orange?
  13. Sunglasses in every photo.
  14. Are you terrified? Why do you look so scared?!
  15. Teeth like a shark.
  16. A photo montage where all the photos are the same. *Confused face*
  17. Looks like The Joker with that smile.
  18. Same expression in every picture. 
  19. Not convinced your even 18.
  20. You just look too up yourself.
  21. ‘Boyfriend required. Job role involves-‘ Nope.
  22. Looks like you’re wearing a Zebra.
  23. Cute but just not sexy.
  24. Too old.
  25. Why is your Insta just selfies? I get it, you’re hot. Boring but hot.
  26. Your main picture is a Starbucks cup. Really?
  27. Eyebrows too far apart.
  28. ‘I’m the wolf in the urban forest’. Trying way too hard.
  29. Fit but a few too many piercings.
  30. Screen shotted Snapchat pic. Poor form.
  31. Looks kinda boring.
  32. ‘Model. I enjoy attending elite parties and expect the best’. Could not be less interested.
  33. ‘Looking for my long lost brother’. Is that wit or serious? I’m confused. Next.
  34. Sideways photo.
  35. You pout too much. I get it, you have lips.
  36. Looks like a psycho. Scary eyes.
  37. Might be a man. Not taking the risk.
  38. Is that a bogey? Nah surely not. It is though. Jeez.
  39. Those eyebrows have a fade. A sick fade. But they’re eyebrows!
  40. It looks like you have a dick tattooed on your stomach. 
  41. Beards are a must’. Well fuck you then.
  42. Great tits. Just something I can’t put my finger on. Man it’s a tough game.
  43. That must be your Grandad. Why is your Grandad in your profile picture?
  44. Sometimes no bra is okay. Sometimes it is not.
  45. Six head. Pot, kettle, black I know, but still.
  46. Short hair. Negative.
  47. Look too high maintenance.
  48. You look like your melting over your jeans.
  49. Far far far far far too much makeup.
  50. Smoking. Nope, I’ll stick to clean air thanks.

Got me thinking; how does that differ to when I swipe right?

  1. Pretty face. Nice body. Oooooh bikini pic. 

…that’s kind of how it went really. 🙈