Bicep and back destruction with Gabriel ‘The Truth’ Sey.

I hooked up with my boy Gabriel to do some filming for the comeback of our YouTube channel ‘Pierre Bants’, and while that was the main aim of the day, it would be stupid not to take advantage of the fact he’s a pro bodybuilder and fitness industry boss! So of course we went for a beast of a workout. We also filmed the whole day as a kind of ‘behind the scenes’ of Pierre Bants, so keep an eye out for that. I have to give a shoutout to my boys at Liberty Supplements in Wembley for hooking me up with awesome deals on supplements and gym gear. I’ve been to a lot of shops and this is the only one that has stuck for me, and it’s down to the customer service and the prices are better than anywhere else I’ve seen. So check them out if you want to up your sup game.

Now if you’ve been with me on this blogging journey for a while, you may remember that Gabe And I hooked up for a workout blog/video for his YouTube channel last year, which you can check out HERE. That workout featured some exercises which were new to a lot of people i.e . rack chins and rack pulls, but this time we kept it simple. We did a back and bi’s workout that focused on simple exercises, no fuss and maximum results so check it out!

Before I go through the workout, I’ve got to tell you about Gabe’s new athletic apparel clothing line ‘TrueBeast’.  he’s sold out of his initial run, but the stuff is awesome and actually tailored to how you want fitness clothes to fit, so check out the website HERE. For the workout we both sported the  “Stealth” Fitted Stringer Vest which I absolutely loved.

So after we finished filming, we made out way to Yorky’s Gym in Tooting. I like this gym because it feels old school. Big weights, all the equipment and it doesn’t feel diluted down by the fitness side of things. It’s an iron gym. Clanging and banging.

Like I said this workout is all about simplicity. High tempo, heavy lifting; so with hat in mind, Gabe decided to ignore the free weights and go for machines for the most part so that we weren’t wasting time changing weights etc. Rest time on this workout is minimal. Not quite one off, one on, but not far from it.

We started with lat pull down for 4 x 10 with 5 drop sets on the last set. Game is very strict on form so make sure you keep your shoulder blades pinched and your elbows wide. On the drop set, drop it by 20 each time if you’re stacking or nearly stacking it, or by ten if you’re starting further up. If you’re not in severe pain at the end of this last set then you did it wrong and didn’t push yourself!

We then went on to bent over machine rows for 4 x 10, followed by reverse fly’s for 4×10. On the machine rows, make sure your elbows are tucked in and concentrate on your lats doing the pulling without any jerking motions.

Once our backs were suitably destroyed, we moved on to biceps. We started with bicep rope curls, again for 4 x 10. Form here is really important because it can be easy to let your elbows drift backwards. Keep them in your side and concentrate on getting that engagement in the bicep.

We then moved onto spider curls which is a killer but a great exercise to isolate your biceps and stop any other movement from helping you get the rep. It also changes the angle which is always good for changing the stress on the bicep head. Again for this it was 4 x 10.

Game did one more but I’m not gonna lie, I actually couldn’t do it. You don;t realise the difference between what normal people call bodybuilding and what the pro’s do until you actually train with one. I was nearly passed out by this point, but I had a hell of a pump. The pace of the workout was insane, and I loved it, but it was hard work. But then that’s what it takes to get where you want to be!

After taking the standard post workout selfies…


…we made our way home to munch; but not before Gabe signed off his video blog…

So anyway, the video for the workout will be coming soon so don’t forget to check out Gabes YouTube channel and also we’ll be putting up a behind the scenes lok at what we got up to whilst filming and that will be on our Pierre Bants channel soon when we make our comeback.

Much love, and stay swole.