I used to know where I was,
but somehow I got lost.
I don’t know where I am now,
except to say that I’m not where I should be.

I’m sure I used to know,
but somehow I lost my way.
I keep trying to remember where I was going,
but with each step I become less sure.

I did know though, didn’t I?
Don’t ask me.
But I need help. Please!
You don’t really want to know.

I do. Everyone will start to worry if I’m not back soon.
Oh I wouldn’t worry about that. Why?!
Well I mean, you’ve already been gone so long,
maybe it would be better to just stay lost?

No! I have to get back. Maybe if I go backwards?
Or forwards? Or perhaps left is best?
Anyway, what is wrong with where you are. I like it here.
This is hopeless.

I search for a different voice to guide me,
I can almost hear it. It has been always there. Comforting me.
But it doesn’t come. Why?
How will I find my way without it.

The fog is getting stronger now,
I can hardly see at all.
I keep moving, always moving,
but it’s so hard to see.

I used to know where I was,
But somehow I got lost.
It’s dark now and I cannot see,
the road has disappeared from view.

I used to know where I was,
but somehow I got lost.